Minilink TransmitterMinilink Transmitter
This small device retails for close to $1000 and is a transmitter for wireless, continuous blood glucose monitoring. The device uses a small metal filament that is inserted into the skin for 3 days, which connects to this wireless transmitter and sends blood glucose readings to my insulin pump every 5 minutes. Essentially generating a small graph of glucose readings. It has many advantages over point-to-point readings that are traditionally gathered using finger pricks.

While I appreciated the insight the sensors provided there were many drawbacks. Each sensor was expensive and wildly inaccurate, the software was a pain in the ass to interface with, bleeding for hours at a time was normal, and overnight the system would alarm repeatedly with useless information. When I learned that I was sleeping through alarms I stopped using the system. The beeping noises the pump was making could have been serious alarms about pump malfunction, but the system had no distinction between sounds.

State of the art health care is amazing, but it is also very disappointing when it doesn't function properly and marketing lacks a certain amount of honesty about the pains you have to go through to use a system.