10 Times A Day10 Times A Day
When I was a kid I hated testing my blood sugar. It sucked, and it was a painful procedure. The lancing devices were not as nice as they are today. Today it doesn't even hurt to test my blood sugar.

Doctors recommend testing at the following times of day: before/after meals, when waking up, before going to bed, before driving in a car, if you ever feel like your blood sugar is low, after you treat low blood sugar, and sometimes just randomly in the middle of the night. If you get lucky you can overlap some of those, but realistically you can end up testing over 10 times in a single day.

When I was a kid I was lucky if I could get 4 tests in a single day, and more realistically 1-2 would be ideal. I don't mind testing now, mostly because the finger pricks don't hurt at all and the access to information is really helpful. I try not to be overly OCD about it, which is hard at times, but I've learned to cut back and test less frequently.